Roberto Rainone


fotoRoberto Rainone, Attorney at Law, was born in Sarno, Salerno (Italy) on September 22, 1976. He was admitted to practice law before the Tribunal of Nocera Inferiore with a specialization in banking and insurance.

He has gained professional experience within the financial and banking sectors through his defense to private parties in court and through in-depth examination of related issues as well as: 1. normative sources of regulation of financial intermediaries and of the securities market, the legal regulation of reference assigned to secondary sources, that derive from European Law in matters of financial markets regulation; 2. provision of investment services: organization and the dangerous nature of the activity in the matters of Art. 2050 Cod. Civ.; 3. the liability of intermediaries in investment transactions in derivatives (i.e. Covered Warrants); 4. the damages resulting from subscription of high risk bonds and the public offering of financial products: the phenomenon, in the area of investment of private asset, of the "downturn mediation" in reference to the managerial relationship between bank and customer; quarterly capitalization of the interests in relation to Art. 1283 Cod.Civ.
Currently he is a legal consultant in the Region of Campania, for Deutsche Bank S.p.A., for Deutsche Bank S.A. Swisse, for Deutsche Bank S.p.A. - Deutsche Bank Easy Division and financial institutions 106 and 107 existing in the legal form of S.p.A. Additionally, he has received professional experience in the insurance field through assistance and contract consultancy as well as through claims management and related litigation.

He is currently an external consultant for Ina Assitalia S.p.A., a trustee in the Region of Campani for Ariscom S.p.A., Società Assicurative existing in the legal form of S.p.A. and serves companies, professionals, and private citizens with a specific expertise in the field of corporate civil liability, professional liability, and general civil liability. He offers additional judicial consultancy and assistance to litigation in the general areas of civil law, banking, insurance, commercial and corporate law – both in Italy and abroad – operating on his own in or cooperation with other nationally renowned law firms displaying characteristics of proven trust and competency.